Great joy and tremendous fulfilment is what I get when I watch our twin grandbabies

Great joy is found in doing what you are passionate about. Being a parent and a parenting coach is a double blessing for me. It works in me feelings that are so deep. I passionately love children. And want the best for them.

Our daughter and her husband are first time parents. When they were expecting I could see they were ecstatic. And our daughter was vey eager to tell people that she is expecting twins. My husband and are were so ready to see our first grandbabies. for the babies’ birth, the Doctors and nurses were exceptionally efficient and compassionate. After birth, the nurses would come into the room doing teachings and so forth.

Great joy being there for our daughter

Now, when it was time to go home I could see the mom was kind of anxious. I asked her why, and she mentioned that the hospital was like a hotel. Because they were doing everything for her. Now they have to figure things out. That was understandable. My husband and I had promised the parents that we would help as much as we can.

We learned a lot in the process. I for one would spend weeks with the new parents and my daughter’s in-laws, helping out. The new family was living with the husbands’ family, so there is synergy is taking care of the babies. My husband and I live in another State. Therefore, there was some stretching in my comfort zone. A good kind of stretching. I had great joy and consolation knowing I was doing this for our daughter. In the first few months, we would take turns like shifts, because the babies were not sleeping through the night. And their sleeping patterns were not in sync. The babies being fraternal: the boy is cuddly and he wanted to be held most of the time. He would cry when he sees one holding the sister. The sister from the word go was independent.

There were some sleepless nights, tiredness. But, In all that, it was interesting seeing the babies being their individual selves, and see them develop and grow. We had great joy being a part of the babies’ lives.

Tremendous fulfilment

Doing what I love by watching our grandbabies has really revitalized my life. It gave me great purpose. I love those babies with all my heart. Here and there, I still go to their home, at times one, two, three weeks helping out.

The parents are nurses, and between parenting and work, they have a lot going on. Therefore, my husband let me go and give them a bit of help I can. At times it will be because they need to go on vacation. That time alone is good for the parents. That bit of help gives them relief and great joy. Then, they get refreshment and take care of babies without much stress. It also gives me great joy seeing the parents interacting and enjoying their babies.

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