Our services

Our services

In our services, I love sharing my expertise with other. The Lord has laid upon my heart the love of children. I have a passion to see children thrive. Therefore, helping parents to nurture their children is such a joy.

I help parents facilitate the change they want to see in their children

If you need help or have a private question on parenting, email me or fill in the contact form.

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our services-why the heart-based parenting

Why the heart-based parenting works effectively, is because it gets to the core of your child. Love is felt in the heart, so it is hate, fear, resolves, and commitments. https://nurturenavigation.com/2019/11/01/what-is-the-heart/.The heart is what determines a person’s character, strengths and weaknesses. You may say, but Mavis, how about genetics, yes genetics plays a part in somebody’s character and behavior, so is nurture. How you raise your child by teaching and disciplining them also plays a major role. Isn’t it why parents try to send their children to the ‘best’ daycare, school or college?

Even if there are genetic predispositions to certain negative behaviors, a child can be trained in the right direction. In brief, I coach you and in turn, you coach your child. If you commit to working you will see great results. In the heart(the spiritual) is where attitudes are formed, decisions are made and the will makes a resolve.

I’m here for you. To listen, and assess your child’s situation. Plus work with you all the way. In order for your dear child, to move from where they are, to where they are supposed to be. You’re not bad parents, your child is not a bad kid either. We are all in this world trying to navigation life, and you, are navigating nurturing your child. You have done all you can do, some of it has worked, some of it did not work. Look through our services, pick something. Or better still contact us and let’s liaise and see what would best suit you and your kid.

And, let’s work together get this awesome privilege(parenting), get going. superiordomain.net/parenting–children-heritage-lord/