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parental guidance
  • Parental guidance is much needed these days, especially during times of behavior challenges. Children are under extreme pressure from social media. Because they are presented with unrealistic expectations. It’s a war. The world wants to take our children and we have to fight for them
  • I have a Bachelor of Arts degree, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Zimbabwe, in Africa. Back in Zimbabwe, I was a Shona high school teacher, for 8 years. Shona is one of the vernacular. languages in Zimbabwe.
  • I’m a Parent Coach, who is a nurse, wife, mom, mom-in-law, and grandma. A firm Christian believer and I work with parents in order to bring the best out of their children. I couch you, in turn, you coach your children. My love for children, makes me yearn to see them thrive
  • I also am TEFL qualified. TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
  • I love children, hence helping parents to parent effectively gives me great joy.
  • I love teaching by sharing what I know. Training by imparting how to’s. In this case, the how-to of parenting.

What do you expect to benefit from parental guidance?

  • you want him/her to be responsible?
  • respective?
  • not to respond to you with anger?
  • to stop the silent treatment game?
  • quit the entitlement game?
  • honoring up to their mistakes?
  • stop lying
  • use their gadgets reasonably?

All the above are noble desires for parents. The question is how do you get there? There is so much information around. But, given the right strategies and guidance, you will be able to facilitate your child’s change. Great outcomes are still happening in parenting.

I understand very well, there are cultural dynamics to parenting. Let me put this in here, then you can go ahead reading: During puberty, I struggled with how my body was changing, superiordomain.net/puberty-years-struggles/ and now I wish there was somebody insightful, about what was going on with me.

What about me-From Africa to the U.S.

In 2001 my husband and I with our little girls moved from Africa, Zimbabwe to the U.S. As I mentioned before, in Zimbabwe I was a high school Shona teacher. So I would teach Shona:

  • literature,
  • Grammar,
  • Cultural norms,
  • Composition writing,
  • Comprehension and Practical criticism of a passage or book.
  • Therefore, I know pretty well how difficult it can be, raising your children in a different culture from what you pretty much know. It’s almost like you are speaking different languages. I have learned to appreciate the richness of every culture.
  • People might be different in color, culture but all humans have the same needs. Above all everybody is important. And children are a blessing from the Lord

Parental guidance &Heart-based parenting

Heart-based parenting is one of the most efficient ways because in the heart is where decisions are made, attitudes are formed and in turn character. God is interested mostly in the hearts of people because that’s where behaviors are formed. https://nurturenavigation.com/2019/11/01/what-is-the-heart/. It’s not just about behavior change because a child can change behavior so that they don’t in trouble. Whilst in their hearts, they want to do something else. Heart-based parenting does a total makeover. Transforming a child from the inside out. You watch a miracle happening before your eyes.

A bit me more about me

I have worked with children in my nursing work and I love children passionately. I have seen how parents’ heartache when their children are not doing well, physically, emotionally physically, and socially. We all want our children to thrive. And being a grandma has brought so much joy and love feelings that are so gratifying and unique. Watching my daughter and her husband parent their twin babies is a great sight. Whenever I am able, I help them with their babies. It gives me great satisfaction and joy. Seeing how blessed we are, to have these twin grandbabies. They are very precious to us and in the sight of God.

Children are very important. Can I get an Amen? They need love, attention, care and we need to purposefully engage them in productive activities. Also, they need validation from their parents. When working with your children for a change, the parents need to praise them on what they are doing right. Our children are adults now, but hey a parent is a parent forever.