Heart-based approach to parenting


A heart-based approach to parenting is very effective. what-is-the-heart? God is interested in the heart because it is the central processing unit of a person. That’s where real and lasting change takes place. When the heart is functions right so is the child. When the heart is working correctly, it enables children to mature and respond to life in productive ways. This approach focuses on the heart of the child and the parent. When the parent is prayerfully looking at the issues pertaining to the heart of the child, they also see where they have deficiencies as a parent.

What else about heart-based parenting

It also focuses on moral and spiritual development thereby increasing motivation, specifically internal motivation. The approach of majoring on children’s behavior without looking at deeper issues of the heart motivates externally. Children learn to do in order to get something from the parent or to avoid punishment. This approach does not provide long-lasting results and does not build character. Because it appeals to the selfish part of the child. A child might have wrong thinking patterns or some deep heart issue but because they have learned to obey, the parents think the child is alright. Most of those problems show up later in life.

This effective parenting approach emphasizes the journey, not the destination. I was thinking to myself that at any particular moment we are on a journey but destinations come here and there. And even when we are at a particular destination, we are still on a journey. Hence, it is very important to focus on the journey. Joyce Meyer says enjoying where you are on the way to where you are going(Paraphrase). External motivation suppresses initiative, decreases creativity thereby robbing one of the satisfaction of achievement. Internal motivation does the total opposite. No parent is perfect and you’re not a bad parent. You just need to tweak how you do things so your job has lasting change. As a parent, I can tell you this from experience, you also see where you miss it. That is if you look at yourself objectively.

Children learn by observing too

If your children tell you stuff about you that needs change, don’t get the temptation to react immediately. Even if what they say arouse anger. You want to be careful on what you say to your children. For children might not tell you, that they give importance to parents’ words. http://Superiordomain.net/raising-children/. They might not say it in the right matter or the right time and place. But ponder and pray about it. By reacting like that you are teaching them the right way to respond.

Pray for your children too. You might say, pray for what? Pray for them so that they are open to your guidance. Pray for yourself so you see your children as God sees them. God gives you the ability to change in places you need to change. As children are changing, we are changing too. Moving from strength to strength. Grace to Grace. Glory to glory.